I am excited to share these three keys with you because they can make such a difference in the success of your practice.

Key #1: Willingness

Just like eating healthy or exercising, the desire to meditate must come from within. Nobody can do it for you! I encourage people to think about why having a meditation practice is important to them.  Your “why” is everything. There are so many amazing benefits of meditation that touch body, mind, and spirit, such as lowering your blood pressure, boosting your immune system, regulating your sleep and digestive patterns, becoming more compassionate toward yourself and others, feeling less stress and anxiety, becoming less reactive and more responsive (this was huge for me!) and a ton more. I could seriously go on forever! Notice how you feel on the days that you meditate. Do you have more energy? Do you feel less anxious?

Key #2: Consistency 

When it comes to meditation quantity is very important. You reap the benefits of meditation when you do it every day, or as close to every day as possible. Consistency is also a factor in time and place that you meditate. You have the best chance of solidifying your practice if you meditate at the same time every day, in the same place every day. Many people like first thing in the morning, and others like right before bed, or after work. It is really about finding what works for you and sticking with it. I can definitely answer more specific questions about this as we move through the day together 🙂

Key #3: The Gamechanger

How you view your practice is everything! If you think of it like another chore, or just another to do on your long list each day, it will feel like one. But if you think of your meditation each day as a gift that you are giving to yourself, a few minutes of calm and peace just for you, it will feel like a gift. This perspective will help keep you going!

Hit reply and let me know if these tips help you out also!


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  1. Swetha
    October 28, 2016 at 12:20 pm (1 year ago)

    Very well said Ali….. Well I am experiencing it.


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