5-Day Meditation Challenge

Don't let another year pass you by. Make this the year you commit to YOU and your self-care!


  • Like you can't fit meditation into your already packed schedule? 
  • Like you have no clue what to do when you sit down and close your eyes? 
  • Like you want someone to hold your hand and help you get started with meditation? 
  • Like you've fallen off your practice, and you're looking for the motivation to recommit this year?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this challenge is PERFECT for you!!


  • Five short guided meditations sent directly to your inbox to access forever  
  • Tips for how to get started with meditation (when to meditate, how to sit...) 
  • Tips for continuing your practice after the challenge 
  • Submit questions on Ali's Facebook Page and get the support you crave 

Don't let another year pass you by. Make this the year you commit to YOU and your self-care!  

We don't live on a mountain top, and we don't have time to sit in meditation for hours each day. This FREE challenge is for people that live in the real world, and want to make meditation a part of their lives so they can feel balanced and centered every day. It doesn't have to be hard. I promise! JOIN ME and SIGN UP TODAY! I am excited and honored to help guide you on your meditation journey. 

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About Ali

Ali Katz is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and a meditation and self-care expert. 

She is known for her brand “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom” which encompasses books, live events, a blog, and a booming online community. 

Her mission is to inspire people across the globe to leave overwhelm, stress and guilt behind, and to embrace a life full of balance, presence, and joy. 

Ali’s uncanny ability to make the concepts of self-care, mediation and mindfulness feel relatable, and downright fun, truly sets her apart from the traditional self-help crowd. 

Ali is the mom of two boys, an avid runner, a yogi, and a self-proclaimed tea junkie.