Hi, I’m Ali Katz! I’m a self-care and mindful parenting coach, a meditation expert, and an author. I’m also a mother of four (two precious boys and two adorable pups), a committed wife, a runner, and a yogi.

Yes, I’m incredibly busy, but I love every minute because I’ve finally found the balance, patience, and presence to be the best me possible, which allows me to be the best mom that I can be.

It wasn’t always this way though; in fact, I used to be a HOT MESS…

Taking care of everyone else put me last on my “To Do List”, and I was too exhausted to even consider my own needs!

I never had the stamina and energy to take care of my family the way that I wanted to.  Instead, my kids got a mom that was often tired and cranky, and most definitely could have let loose and played more.

It broke my heart when my kids told me that they could tell I wasn’t really listening to them, because they were right!  I had too much going on in my head and was overwhelmed with guilt, stress, and pressure, making it impossible to relax and even sleep.

I became addicted to sleeping pills after waking up at 5am for four years straight, and I walked around exhausted, often with no makeup and messy hair, hiding in the bathroom just to get some alone time!

Does this sound familiar?

In your drive to be a great mom are you:

  • Super hard on and even competitive with yourself?
  • Struggling to just go with the flow and unable to laugh anything off?
  • Thinking you’re a failure if the meals and the house aren’t perfect?
  • Sucked into “Mom Drama” and comparing yourself to others?
  • Shopping and over-spending out of boredom and to fill some void?
  • Feeling lost and disconnected from the person you used to be?
  • Keeping up an external facade while internally feeling like a fake?
  • Stressed and trying to just survive each day?
  • Putting your self-care on the back burner?


Also, as a parent, do you:

  • Wish your kids would go to sleep and stay in bed so you can sleep too?
  • Want to learn how to talk to your kids so they actually listen?
  • Wish your kids loved doing their homework?
  • Want to know how to plan on Sunday to set you up for a successful week?


Honey, I’ve experienced all of it! I was so stressed, overwhelmed, and tired that I got cancer at 34 years old.

This was a massive wake up call to take better care of myself, to make myself a priority, and to make sure that I was going to be around for my kids and to see them grow up.