I LOVE sharing my finds, and I hope you love them too!

My Camo Bag

I can’t remember the last time that I received so many compliments on a bag. This came bag from Andi is seriously one of the best bags I’ve ever owned.

I saw someone carrying it at visiting day at my son’s camp, and it was love at first sight. I saw the tag with the brand name on the outside, and literally ordered it from the car as we were pulling away.

It is the perfect size that fits everything without being too big and bulky. I have a full size wallet, sunglasses, a rather packed makeup bag, a deck of cards, a mala, and my small singing bowl that I use for meditation classes at different studios in there, and I can still fit a book or my iPad mini if I want to.

It has straps that go over the shoulder, and a cross body strap, which is a major win for me because I love both. There are two inside pockets that I always keep my keys and cell phone in so I can grab them easily.

It comes in black, grey and silver too, but I am pretty obsessed with the camo and hot pink combo! There are a few sizes, but mine is the small. My nine year old was my photographer for this pic, and this was the best I could get of me with the bag 🙂

fall obsessions bag


The BEST ghee

I have tried ghee after ghee at the insistence of my holistic doctors, but I could never get on the bandwagon. My pantry has a small ghee graveyard in one corner 🙁 I didn’t really like the way any of them tasted or smelled, and I can usually get anything down in the name of health.

Henry, the owner of Define Living, the new wellness center where I am teaching a few meditation classes each week, assured me that even if I hated ghee, I would love this one. And he was right!

I am a ghee convert, thanks to SV Ayurveda. This particular ghee is made from organic raw cultured cow’s cream in the ancient tradition.

You can now find ghee in my smoothies, my oatmeal, on my brown rice, and I think it makes everything taste better.

I searched online but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Their other products are on Amazon here. You can stalk the company, or if you live in Houston, pop into Define Living (2515 Morse St.) because that is where I got it! And if you come to pick one up, swing by at 12:15 pm on Monday or 10:00 am on Friday, when I teach my meditation class!

fall obsession ghee

BeautyCounter’s Fig lip gloss

BeautyCounter’s Peony lipgloss was my summer go to, and it will be making an appearance come March again. But now that the temps have dipped into the 80s in Houston I am feeling darker nails and a more berry pout.

I love BeautyCounter’s lipgloss in Fig. It’s not too dark, but it feels like fall!

fall obsession fig

(inexpensive and super soft) Black Jeans

I visit a store in NY every summer and get my jean fix. They have the best jeans for CHEAP! I love these black jeans for fall and winter. I like to embrace my inner rocker, so I am definitely one for rips and holes. If you want less rips I would suggest these by Flying Monkey. I have these in grey and they are one of my favorite pairs!

fall obsession jeans from website

I am determined to stay ahead of dry skin this fall and winter!

This all natural exfoliator is gentle enough to use on face and body, and has totally gotten rid of the pesky little bumps on my upper arms.

fall obsession scrub
Tea Tumbler

This mug was a gift, and I love it! As a self- proclaimed “tea junkie” it feels very luxurious to use tea leaves instead of only tea bags. This mug brews tea hot and cold, so I can make strawberry lemonade or a hot chai tea misto. I left the infusion basket down in the pic so you can see it, but when you are finished brewing it lifts up. You can even reuse your tea leaves for a second cup!

fall obsession mug

The Universe Has Your Back

Gabby Bernstein’s newest book is filled with wisdom and reminders that I needed. If you are wanting to leave your fear mindset behind and strengthen your faith muscles, you will adore it. It’s a gem!

fall obsessions book
The most beautiful song

I was in yoga class when this song by Ellie Goulding called “How Long Will I Love You” came on, and I accosted the teacher at the end to find out who sings it. It is just so, so beautiful.

What I’m binge watching

I am not sure if I love or hate the friend that told me Younger is back OnDemand! I can’t get enough. I have blown through a few bedtimes watching just one more!

Let me know in the comments what you are obsessed with these days!!

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