I believe in beauty inside and out.

Working on ourselves, getting comfortable in our own skin, and acknowledging our inner beauty must come first in my book. We will never feel beautiful on the outside if we don’t honor what is on the inside. My self-care practices such as meditation, gratitude and spending time in nature, truly allow me to connect with my highest self, and have helped me learn to really love myself unconditionally, which makes me feel beautiful.

My body is a house for my soul, and caring for it in the best possible way is simply another way to honor myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong, or unspiritual, about caring for your looks and your body. If it makes you feel good, it can’t be wrong. I think it’s fun, and part of my charm is that I adore makeup and meditation! If it’s not your jam, you may still like the all natural beauty tips I am offering today!

I haven’t made a video in a while, but it was so fun, so expect more to come in the future 🙂 In this video I am talking about my all natural skin exfoliator.

Everyone I know, including me, is trying to break their sugar habit, so basically nobody wants to eat it. Using sugar as a face, or body exfoliator for that matter, even though I only mention face in the video, is a great use for what’s already in your pantry. It’s almost like recycling it! Simply mix a bit in with your favorite face wash and let it gently exfoliate your skin to silky smooth.

Coconut oil is one of my favorite things in my pantry. I especially love using it when I cook frittatas and roasted veggies. I even occasionally add it to a smoothie or bone broth latte. And now it is also a beauty staple as well.

I am always sharing the tidbits that my facialist gives me, because she is simply AHmazing, and I basically worship her. Last time I was there she convinced me to take a jar of coconut oil up to my bathroom to use in my beauty routine, in addition to teaching me about the sugar exfoliator.

Coconut oil is a wonderful carrier oil, which means it helps whatever else you are putting on soak in better. I now use it to enhance all my lotions and potions.

A few times a week, when I put my facial oil on at night after I wash my face, I mix it with a tiny bit of coconut oil. I always notice that I wake up the next day and my skin looks amazing. It doesn’t cause breakouts, it just makes your skin super soft.

I also mix it in my lotion when I bathe or shower at night. I go to bed smelling like a pina colada and dreaming of the beach. It can feel a tad heavy for day, so I only add it to my lotion at night.

I am really putting effort into using more natural products, and using ones that I already have on hand is a total bonus.

Take your pantry up to your bathroom, and let me know what you think!Beu

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