No matter what we are trying to get our kids to do such as

  • speak more respectfully
  • respect time limits on technology
  • make their beds
  • brush their teeth twice a day
  • clear their plates
  • do their homework on time
  • fall asleep on their own
  • CONSISTENCY is the key!

Once you set up a routine you have to stick to it no matter what. Even when you are exhausted. Even when there is a babysitter with your kids. Even though there are sports to get to.

Setting up the rules is the easy part. Following through is the part that feels tough! But you gotta do it.

Be sure when you set up the rules around a new behavior you are very clear about what happens when they are successful (you’ll be proud, you can trust them, privileges they earn) and what happens if they don’t do their part (if they don’t respect the time limit on technology they lose the privilege to play for a certain amount of time).

This can feel hard on busy days when we are going a mile a minute, but remember to stay consistent.

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