Digital Rehab

 Are you ready to set a better example for your kids around technology? 

Do you feel unsatisfied with your own life after too much time on social media? 

Do you constantly hear “Mom, are you even listening?” and then feel totally guilty because you weren’t? 

When is the last time you actually had fun with your kids with no screens on? 

Let’s face it… most of us are addicted to our phones. I know I was! 

The average adult checks social media seventeen times a day, and scrolls for up to 5 hours a day! How about you? 

I wanted to change. I wanted to get off my device and into my life!

I knew I’d be more successful if I took small, baby steps to spend less time on my phone. When I did, amazing things happened. In fact, when I stepped away from my phone for very small amounts of time it felt freeing! I realized that it wasn’t as hard as I thought, and small amounts of time, even starting with ten minutes a day, added up to big changes. This is NOT about giving up your phone. It's about being a bit more intentional and mindful about how we use it.

Even if you feel addicted to your phone, this program can change your life!

  • Imagine having time to exercise, meditate, or even take that much needed nap 
  • Help your kids to be more curious and imaginative 
  • Connect and bond with your kids, your spouse, and your friends 
  • Feel more present and satisfied with your own life 
  • Set a great example for your kids that screens don’t have to rule every minute of our life 
  • Stop wishing for so many do-overs 
  • Let go of guilt 
  • Have better behaved kids

How the Digital Detox Program works:

  • You will receive a very short recording each week (about 5-10 minutes), for three weeks, with the baby steps you will implement that week. I promise, we move very slowly. You do NOT have to give up your phone! 
  • Join the Facebook group if you like for support, and as a place to ask questions and get accountability. This is totally optional!
  • You get ongoing support…you are invited to participate in the FB group even after your month is up. I want you to be successful!

Real Moms Who Have Done the Detox Shared:

“I highly recommend the Digital Rehab. I was worried it would be difficult but Ali uses baby steps and sets little goals each week. I really didn't find it that challenging at all, knowing what my goals were ahead of time. I found myself engaging in other more productive activities (such as organizing my weekly calendar) during times when I usually would have been mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.” 

~ Lisa M

“I definitely felt the Digital Rehab Program was successful, and the bonus for me was being able to ‘walk the walk’ in terms of modeling being unplugged for my kids. It met and exceeded my expectations!”

~ Stephanie O.

“The program really did help me reconsider my relationship with my phone!” 

~ Linda W.

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Ali Katz

About Ali

Ali Katz is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, self-care and mindful parenting coach, and a meditation expert. 

She is known for her brand “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom” which encompasses books, live events, a blog, and a booming online community. 

Her mission is to inspire mothers across the globe to leave overwhelm, stress and guilt behind, and to embrace a life full of balance, presence, and joy. 

Ali’s uncanny ability to make the concepts of self-care, mediation and mindfulness feel relatable, and downright fun, truly sets her apart from the traditional self-help crowd. 

Ali is the mom of two boys, an avid runner, a yogi, and a self-proclaimed tea junkie.