One of my teachers and mentors, Gabby Bernstein, said something once that really stuck with me. Her words of wisdom were:

“I find the time to meditate because I don’t have time to feel like shit.”

How awesome is that???

No matter how dedicated we are to our practice, at some point we will miss a day, or even a few days if we are traveling or something major comes up.

When this inevitably happens, it is really important not to judge yourself, especially because it isn’t going to change the fact that you didn’t meditate! Instead, understand that growth comes with recommitment. When you tell yourself that your practice is too important to give up, and you pick up where you left off, you have grown tremendously.

Here is the real question…

In those times, when you do skip, do you feel more stress or anxiety? Do you feel tired or off balance? Are you eating as mindfully? Are you as present? Do you feel like shit? I encourage you to pay attention.

I heard a great analogy from my friend Henry, who owns the Define gyms in Texas. He shared that meditation is like taking a shower. You can skip one day and probably be ok, but if you skip more than one you begin to stink!

There haven’t been very many days in my four years of meditation that I have missed, but I assure you that when I have occasionally missed, I notice and so do the people around me. I feel off kilter, a bit snippy, and not as patient. This contrast to how I feel on a regular basis when I am sticking to my self-care routines has become my “why.” Knowing why your practice is important to you is everything, and mine boils down to what wise Gabby says. I don’t have time to feel like shit!

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