After I wrote my Ali’s Obsessions post and shared my current favorite products, I got a ton of questions about the doTerra Peppermint Oil that I included. I call it “my coffee” because I use a dab on my temples to perk me up each morning.

doterra pep

To be honest, I tried to get into essential oils about a year ago, and since I had no clue how to use anything but the lavender, they pretty much sat in my medicine cabinet untouched for months. I grabbed the peppermint one day when I was just soooooo tired out of sheer desperation, and it was a game changer. So I decided to revisit the land of essential oils and get the scoop on them.

Up until this point I was only really using the lavender when I meditated or before bed, and I always offered it to my clients, and they adored it as well. I had a doTerra Family Physician Kit, which is a great starter kit, but I had no clue what to do with most of the oils.

I turned to my dear friend, Julie, who is a doTerra rep, and who has transformed her house with essential oils. I explained to her that I am not looking for oils to take over my life, I simply want them to enhance it, and aid me here and there. I asked Julie for her top 2-3 suggestions for ways to use each oil in my kit so I could start enjoying them and putting them to good use.

I am excited to share her suggestions!

doterra family kit

Breathe – assists in open airways – supporting those with asthma – drop on your hands, rub together and inhale

On Guard – boost your immunity by putting on the bottoms of your feet, 3-5 drops in water with a small spray bottle and use as an alternative hand sanitizer, drop in water and gargle as a chemical free mouthwash

Lemon – couple drops in a quart of water to detox your body. diffuser for a mood enhancer (same for all citrus oils). amazing at cutting through the grease on stainless steel appliances

Lavender – relaxing, on bottom of feet for a restful sleep. a little on a cut, burn or bee sting to help heal the wound

Frankincense – use in your face cream to reduce wrinkles. use on the bottom of your feet to help soothe anxious feelings

Peppermint – use a drop in your hands, rub and breathe to help you wake up, mix with a little water and use as a natural ant killer

Melaleuca – use to reduce blemishes and acne. also use as a cleaner in your home

Oregano – great for immunity, put on the bottom of your feet with on guard. very powerful and can remove skin tags

Deep Blue – a couple drops with a carrier oil (like coconut from your pantry) to rub on sore muscles.

DigestZen – a drop in water helps to ease indigestion and supports a healthy gut

A few additional tips from me:

I also use Frankincense when I meditate because it is known to also increase focus and your connection to Source

After overindulging on a Saturday night at dinner, I have been known to rub DigestZen right on my belly!

My sister uses lemon in a all natural, homemade deodorant

I was curious how and why Julie got so into essential oils…so of course I asked her!

Why did you get into oils?

I first got into oils to support my chakras (energy centers) – I know that may sound weird and woo woo but it wasn’t until my friend Jen taught me the power of essential oils to support my family’s health that I got more into them. We had struggled with health care for a while with job changes etc, and when my friend showed me how to use peppermint on my son when he had a fever I was floored. I knew there was something to this and I felt empowered to support my family and my home to be more chemical free and get toxins out of our bodies. This was a game changer in my life and it all happened one bottle of oil at a time!

How has your life changed?

I feel like I am in control. I don’t have to go to the doctor every week with my kids. I don’t have to spend a ton of money on the pre made all natural cleaners. I can boost my family’s immunity and support the whole mood of our home in an instant. A little wild orange and my son’s grumpy mood flips to happy in an instant!

What three oils can’t you live without and why?

I have spent most of my life fighting depression and anxiety so I use the oils greatly to support my emotional state along with supporting illnesses. I cannot live without Lavender – I use it to help me sleep and to calm anxiety. The other faves are emotional blends. The first is Balance, I use this grounding blend before I meditate to help me get centered and also if I am feeling any sort of anxiety. Citrus Bliss, this one helps keep me up and gets me out of a funk. Any of the citrus oils are awesome for this but I just love the combo of all the citrus oils in one. I can feel myself be lifted out of a low place very quickly and I love having this option instead of the anti-depressants I took for years.

doterra lavendar

If you have thought about trying essential oils now is the perfect time! There are so many practical uses for them, and they smell fantastic! I love the rituals they can also help create making simple times like getting into bed feel like a treat!

It is very important to order from a doTerra rep to be sure you are getting authentic products. If you are looking for a doTerra rep contact Julie at You can order a kit or single bottles 🙂

I hope you love your oils!!

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