What happens in meditation class?

Classes are approximately 45 minutes long but Ali always blocks off an hour in case you have lots of questions. She loves answering all of them! The beginning of the class consists of an interactive discussion about meditation. Ali will usually offer a tip or tool to assist you with your meditation and mindfulness practice. You will then be guided in a meditation, and time will be saved for questions at the end of class.

What should you wear to class?

All that matters is that you are comfortable. You will most likely be sitting on a cushion or blocks on the floor, but the option of a chair is always available. Feel free to come in clothes similar to what you would wear to a yoga class, but since you are sitting still, do not fret about coming in regular street clothes. Anything goes!

Group Classes, Private Classes, Corporate Classes

Group classes are offered when groups of people come together wanting to spend time together and meditate. Grab your besties or other like-minded souls and book a time for your group. You will be cozy and comfortable in the “zen den” Ali created at the front of her home. In fact, it is so peaceful and serene that often people don’t want to leave!

Private sessions are offered in packages of three. They are offered in person if you live in Houston, on the phone, or via Zoom video conferencing.

Private sessions in Houston take place at Ali’s Bellaire home. There will be a $25 trip charge to meet at another location. Private sessions are customized for those beginning a practice or deepening one.

Corporate classes are offered in location in Houston, via live and recorded webinars or conference calls, or Ali can travel to your office anywhere in the United States for an additional fee. Prices for corporate classes available upon request.

How Ali Teaches Meditation and Mindfulness

Each group class, private session and corporate event is tailored to experience and desires. Each one may include an interactive discussion, followed by a guided meditation, and ending with a question-and-answer period. Ali teaches many different types of meditation including but not limited to:

  • Breath and Body Awareness
  • SEED (Simple, Easy, Every Day) method
  • Loving Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness Meditation

Ali also teaches many tips and tricks relating to living a more mindful life that her students keep in their toolbox for use throughout their everyday lives. Ali teaches these techniques in an extremely relatable way, with the comfort of her students as her number one concern. She can teach many mindfulness tools such as:

  • how to handle stress in the moment
  • the benefits of a gratitude practice and how to make gratitude feel natural and easy
  • how to use mindfulness for better sleep
  • mindful eating techniques

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has something for everyone, and that is just one of the many things Ali loves about it. You can come to meditation from a very spiritual perspective or a very practical one. There are no rules! There are so many benefits of a consistent meditation practice, and here a just a few:

Benefits of Meditation
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase productivity and creativity
  • regulate sleeping patterns
  • regulate digestive patterns
  • boost the immune system
  • help to lessen chronic pain
  • feel calmer, more relaxed, more centered, and more peaceful
  • helps with depression
  • aid the healing response
  • connect to your intuition
  • become more compassionate

Seriously, the list goes on and on, but if any of these sound good, then meditation is for you! Keep in mind that meditation is not a “quick fix.” Consistent practice is required to see the benefits in your every day life. Ali loves to work with people that are committed to making positive changes in their life with meditation, and she is here to support them every step of the way.

Public Speaking

Ali is available to speak at events in Houston and across the country about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Her ability to weave personal experiences into her speeches allows her to connect with her audiences in a uniquely authentic way.