I had the immense pleasure recently of announcing that I got picked up by a publisher and that “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom” was going to be a series. This was really a dream come true for me, and the support I received was humbling. The social media response was enormous, and everywhere I went around town that week I was congratulated. It was a very special feeling.

I had a conversation with my dear friend that week, and I told her that I should write something, or give a speech about all my previous fails because you see an announcement like that and it sounds so easy. But it wasn’t at all!


Yes, my dreams are coming true, but not by chance. I worked my tail off to make shit happen. I put myself out there, and heard no many times. I had people not respond to emails, had one person show up to a workshop, got zero likes on posts, and heard crickets for a product launch. Yet still, I couldn’t imagine doing anything.

When I talk about dating I always say that you don’t know what you want until you have what you don’t want. I’d say that has been true for my career path as well. I pretty much followed in my family’s footsteps because I was too scared and insecure to dig deep to see what felt good to me. This showed up when I

Became a marketing major in college because my dad told me to
Went into event planning because that was what my mom did
Later became a kindergarten teacher because my twin sister taught first grade and she was really happy doing it

I finally tried to find my passion after I had my kids, but I had a lot of misses like

I tried to start a company that would sell wearable burp cloths for people whose kids spit up as much as mine did
I started tutoring but that was short lived
I had a blog called Daughter-in-Law Diaries that never really took off, and I think was very misunderstood
I tried working for someone else but only lasted three months because I still didn’t know how to achieve balance in my life

Each fail taught me something that I use in my life now, but nothing really worked for me until I gave myself the time and and attention I deserved, and I got to really know myself. Practicing meditation and self-care in all areas of my life was what changed everything.

The other thing is that I was never really afraid of the fails. I knew they were building character if nothing else. Thank goodness that I kept going because now I can’t imagine my life any other way. I finally did find my passion and my purpose. I love teaching others about meditation and self-care, and how they can better their lives, and their family’s as well.

No matter what happens, keep going. Try everything until you get it right. Trust me, you won’t look like a flake, and nobody is really paying attention anyway. You won’t know what’s right until you know what’s not right.

Go for it!

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