We don't live on a mountain top, and we don't have time to sit in meditation for hours each day. This FREE challenge is for people that live in the real world, and want to make meditation a part of their lives so they can feel balanced and joyful every day. It doesn't have to be hard. I promise!
Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed as a mom? Do you want your kids to go to sleep and stay in bed so you can sleep too? Do you need more time for self-care? Do you want to learn how to talk to your kids so they actually listen? Do you want your kids to love doing their homework?Do you want to know how to plan on Sunday to set yourself up for a successful week? Sign up for my Hot Parenting Tip of the Week emails and learn about these topics and more.
I am excited to share this tip with you because it brings so much calm and peace to my life, especially when I am feeling stressed. It is amazing how something so simple, done in just one minute or less can create more balance in your day, and your life. This technique was a game changer for me, and I can't wait for you to get started using it!
Here is a list of 8 tools that I used to go from an Ambien Addict to Sleeping Beauty. I hope they are as life-changing for you as they were for me!
This 5 minute audio meditation is the perfect way to start your day calm and centered. Enjoy!
The Restore Your Energy Audio Meditation is perfect for when life can be draining. We spend so much energy every day, let's take some time to restore that energy so you can be your best you!