We spend so much of our day scrolling…through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails and more. It seems like I hear of a new social media platform all the time. I still can’t figure out what SnapChat is for!

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media as much as the next person. For one, it allows me to connect with amazing like-minded souls, such as yourself, and I find tons of inspiration online. I follow incredible people and learn something every time I browse. I read interesting articles and inspirational quotes and I I find it really relaxing. However, I often notice that the amount of time I spend on social media can get out of hand if I am not careful. In fact, I recently had to set some boundaries for myself!

I began to shorten the time I spent online by a minute hear and there, and instead used that time to be more mindful. I started doing One Minute Mini Meditations, and you can too with these three simple techniques.

One of my favorite One Minute Mini-Meditations is Sweet Sixteen Breathing. Simply:

Inhale for a count of 4
Hold for a count of 4
Exhale for a count of 4
Hold for a count of 4
Repeat 3 times

Another quick and easy idea is to do a one minute body scan. Notice each body part beginning with your scalp, and consciously relax it as you focus your attention there. In one minute you can focus on your scalp, forehead, cheeks, jaw, tongue, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, hips and legs. Focus your attention on each place for about five seconds.

You can also try belly breathing. When you take a nice long inhale through your nose, expand your stomach 360 degrees, almost like you are trying to blow up a balloon that is in your stomach. Hold it for a moment and release slowly through your nose. Repeat 5 times.

Mini Meditations are also great to use when standing in line at the grocery store, at the drive-up window at the bank or drugstore, or anytime you have a minute to kill. Instead of wasting precious time being bored or frustrated, make the most of it with a bit of meditation and mindfulness. These moments will quickly add up and begin to make a difference in how you feel going about your day.

Let me know in the comments which one you will try this week!

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