I saw this quote and it really spoke to me. I have had a lot of growth in the last few years working through residual issues I had around money from growing up, and it’s only when I wrote “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom” did I finally feel comfortable talking about this topic.

I grew up with a lot of love, but not a lot of money. I started working when I was fourteen, and paid for everything from my clothes to my first car and insurance, and then put myself through college. I was always stressed about money! Counting out waitressing tips to make rent while my friends were on spring break in Mexico sucked!

I was always scrimping and worried that I wouldn’t have what I needed in the future, so I’d be scared to use what I had in the present moment. For example, I’d buy a white T shirt but then hardly wear it so it stayed nice looking in case I couldn’t replace it when it wore out. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I was living with a lack mentality, and once you are in that spiral it is hard to get out. It took years and years.

I talk about techniques I used to break free and live with a more abundant mentality in the book, but when I saw this quote I realized that my meditation and mindfulness practices have helped with this too in a really big way.

I have learned the difference between planning and worrying. Planning is essential for living a life, like planning for retirement, planning a trip, or even a grocery list. Worrying is a different energy, a chaotic energy that steals the joy from our present. It’s like future tripping. We worry about something that we don’t know will ever happen. I have become so much more aware when I do this and I can use a mindfulness tool, like a one minute meditation, to pull myself back to the present moment. This helps with the money stuff because I no longer future trip that I won’t be able to afford something that I need later. I spend my time enjoying what I have right now.

My practices have helped train my brain to have more present moment awareness so I am able to enjoy life now, in the moment. If you have ever struggled with money in any way, you understand how big this is.

Now I pull that white T shirt out any day of the week, the one that fits the best, and enjoy the hell out of it. Thank you meditation and mindfulness!!

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