I hope everyone is having a great week so far 🙂

A mom of three little boys wrote in and asked an incredible questions, “How do you find gratitude in the chaos?”

People that practice gratitude often:
* experience more positive emotions
* sleep better
* are more compassionate and kinder
* have stronger immune systems

As much as we adore our kids, it can feel hard in the midst of runny noses, sibling rivalry, and piles of dishes to feel gratitude in the moment.

Gratitude is extremely important, but there is a time and place where it feels natural. While we are cleaning up throw up or changing a smelly diaper is probably not when we should be expecting ourselves to practice gratitude. There are much better ways to set ourselves up for success!

Here are a few simple ways that I like to practice gratitude, and I hope at least one resonates with you and you give it a try.

* I think of something I am grateful for when I brush my teeth in the morning and evening. Put a sticky note next to your tooth brush or on your bathroom mirror that simply says “gratitude” and when you see it think of something you are grateful for. You don’t even have to write it down.
* ​When I wake up in the morning I try to have my first thought be “thank you.” I simply thank the Universe for another day in this world. Very simple but it sets the tone for my whole day.
* ​If something has really gone awry, or my day is sucking more than normal, I take a few minutes to make a stress/ gratitude list. On one half of the paper I write down everything I am stressed about. Big things, little things too. On the other side I write TWO things I am grateful for for each one thing I am stressed about. At the end I have a great visual that shows me no matter what is going on that feels stressful, I have so much more to be grateful for.
* ​We keep a family gratitude journal on our kitchen table, and at dinner each night everyone says what they are grateful for and one person writes in in the journal.

​I hope that these ideas inspire you to bring a bit of gratitude into even the most chaotic days!!

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