How many times do your kids tell you each week that they are bored? With summer coming, you can probably expect that number to double!

A friend told me that her mom used to say to her, “If you are bored, you are boring,” and I thought it was such an awesome line!

If we take a few minutes to prepare with our kids, we can help them beat the boredom blues this summer.

Make a Boredom Bag, which is really a backpack or bag filled with ideas that your kids come up with to do when they are bored. (the key words are your kids!)

Take a few minutes to brainstorm with your kids, before summer hits, a few things that they may like to do when they have downtime. Make a list of things like:

  • art projects (my boys love tracing books)
  • books that are on their summer lists to read
  • word searches
  • a favorite board game
  • a deck of cards with a list of games and directions
  • a new DVD
  • a playlist written out for a dance party
  • a printed recipe to make

Then take a few minutes to gather any supplies (minus food) they would need, and put them in the bag.

Next time they tell you they are bored, smile, and simply point to the bag!

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