It is relatively impossible to say that you are never going to pass judgement on yourself or another person ever again. A much more realistic goal is to try to be aware when you do, and choose a more loving thought instead. That is exactly what I am doing on my judgement cleanse.

I, along with a few other like-minded souls, have embarked on a 90 day judgement cleanse. My goal for these three months is to bring my awareness of the way I judge myself and others to a whole new level so that I have the opportunity to change my thought patterns, and at a minimum call myself out on them.

The reason this works is because I am not too hard on myself when I notice a judgemental thought. I still adhere to one of my fundamental practices of being kind to myself. What I do say silently is this, “I forgive myself for having that thought. I choose love instead.” I learned this from one of my amazing teachers, Gabby Bernstein, and it has always stuck with me.

In this short video I tell you a little bit more about why this journey is important to me. Click HERE to watch.

judgement pic

So, would you like to join me? As I mentioned in the video, you don’t have to commit to 90 days. You can start wherever you are comfortable. No judgements! Maybe you want to start with a day, or a week and then work up to one month.

Let me know in the comments below if you are game 🙂

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