This message is short and sweet, but really valuable.
There is a zen proverb that I love and it says,
“When walking walk. When eating eat.”
Basically, do one thing at a time!
When watching TV, stay off your phone. When on your phone, stay off your TV.
Does that sound as zen as the quote above? Probably not, but the point remains the same.
It is important to be fully engaged in each experience we have. This is the absolute core of mindfulness. When the concept was developed thousands of years ago, technology didn’t exist, but the same rules still apply.
Do one thing at a time, and be all in. If you are on the phone concentrate on your conversation. Nobody wants to hear you typing while you talk to them. If you are on Facebook really look at the pics and quotes people post, and feel the joy that comes from connecting with long lost friends. Be all in.
We are so used to multi-tasking, so this will take some practice. Simply try to be aware of how many things you are doing at one time. No judgement, just awareness.
I promise you that as many days as I do well in regards to this, I bomb too. I am practicing this all the time. Some days it feels really hard! But I truly notice the difference on the days that I focus and feel successful at doing one thing at a time.
Try it and let me know in the comments how it feels, and how your experiences change.

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