I have been working so hard on getting my book Hot Mess to Mindful Mom ready for a May release, so I needed to blow off some steam and let loose with this post! I decided to do something fun and different, and share some of the things I am currently obsessed with, spiritual and otherwise.

Let’s talk shows!

I have never been a huge TV watcher, but I do enjoy binge watching a full season of a show a few times a year. There have been so many good ones lately, that it seems like I have been watching way more than normal, but I am having so much fun.

I just finished Empire, which I couldn’t get enough of, and I recently watched Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and Jane the Virgin. They were all so different, but I loved each one!

I have always enjoyed reading trilogies. My all-time favorite one that I read years ago is the No Angel series by Penny Vincenzi. If you haven’t read it yet, it should be first on your summer reading list. Actually second. MY book should definitely be first!

I am in the middle of a four book series by James Archer called the Clifton Chronicles. I am devouring it, and just noticed the parallel that it also takes place in London in the early 1900s just like the No Angel series does. That time period obviously appeals to me.

If you have never had a deck of tarot or oracle cards don’t miss out! I am currently obsessed with my brand spanking new Miracles Now deck from Gabby Bernstein. Each card has an inspirational affirmation, and it always seems like I pick just the one I need to read every day.

As a special treat, I pulled a card for you. I couldn’t agree with these wise words more. We are all responsible for the energy that we bring into the world, each and every day. Whatever self care you need to do in order to keep your vibes high should be a priority in your life.

pulled card

Help me keep this fun going in the comments, and let me know what you are currently obsessed with. Tell me about your favorite food, music, show and book! I am excited to pick up some good ideas!

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