When I read this quote, “see the tormentor as the mentor,” in Gabby Bernstein’s book Miracles Now, something clicked for me in a huge way. I will never forget that I was sitting on a plane contemplating a difficult relationship I was dealing with at the time. I read this quote and everything changed in the way I viewed this particular relationship, and all of the other ones in my life as well. It really was divine timing for me. I talk all about it in this short video.

In case you like to read instead of watch videos, let me sum up my main points for you…

Each of our relationships is an assignment in our life and has something to teach us to help us evolve and grow as a person. When a relationship is difficult, that person is actually our mentor, helping us to learn an important lesson. When we realize this, we can begin to feel grateful not only for the opportunity to evolve as a person, but for the individual that guided us to this lesson.

This concept changed the way I view my relationships in a big way. Another thing I have learned over the past few years is that not everyone is meant to stay in my life forever. Some people are, and I am connected to those people on a soul level. Think about your spouse, siblings or very best friends. You probably can’t imagine your life without them. But there are other people, like co-workers and acquaintances, or even those you shared a short friendship with that fizzled, that aren’t meant to be in your life long term. You probably learned a lot through your interactions with them, and that is why the Universe brought you together for a short time.

Realizing this makes it much easier to surrender and trust that everything really does happen for a reason. With each situation that we overcome we become more self-aware, develop a stronger connection to our intuition, and more confidence to speak our truth and share our light.

I hope that these ideas resonate with you as much as they do for me. Let me know in the comments if you have experienced a time when you learned a lot from a difficult person, or had to let someone in your life go.

1 Comment on See the Tormentor as the Mentor

  1. Jennifer Cowan
    July 28, 2015 at 11:27 am (2 years ago)

    Love this! It’s so true. It’s really difficult to do but often best for both persons.
    It’s a process and you have to trust your heart.


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