Have your kids ever gotten out of the car in front of school, or stepped onto the bus in a terrible mood or crying? Mine have, and it’s the worst! I feel terrible when that is how their day is starting.

I devised a little routine to help my kids start each school day feeling positive and calm, with a full heart, excited to begin the day. We call it Morning Mindfulness. It only takes a minute, but it is a really, really important minute because it sets the tone for a great day. I always join in and do it too as a little mindfulness booster for myself too!

Now that we are back in our routines (very late in Houston because of the hurricane) we are back to doing our Morning Mindfulness on the way to school. If you don’t drive your kids to school you can do it breakfast, the bus stop, when you wake your kids up, or any time that fits into your morning routine.

Here is a super short video explaining Morning Mindfulness, and I have a little cheat sheet for you below to save on your phone. It’s also written out under the video if you prefer to read.

Step 1: Take 3-5 nice, long, deep breaths in and out of the nose
It takes three deep breaths to begin to settle the nervous system, but they can do more of course! We are doing five to start off the year and will work up to ten this year because my kids have been doing this for a while.

You want them to really fill up their entire mid section with air, so I tell my kids to breathe into their belly like they are blowing up a balloon when the inhale, and let all the air out of the balloon as they exhale.

Step 2: Think of 3 things they are grateful for
I encourage them to think of a few things they are grateful for. They can be big or little, it’s the feeling of gratitude that is the important part. They can share if they want but they can keep them private too.

Step 3: Tell me why today is going to be awesome
Kids love sharing, and this gets them really excited for the day. They tell me what is going to make today great, and I hear things like “I will rock my test” or “We are playing dodgeball in PE” or “Today is Friday and then the weekend.” It’s always different and I love hearing what gets them pumped up.

Here is a little cheat sheet to save on your phone or print out and tape up in your car or wherever it would help you remember to do Morning Mindfulness.

I hope your family loves it as much as mine does! If you hit a little resistance, stick with it. Kids quickly understand how good this makes them feel and they want to do it!

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