I write and talk a lot about the things we should do to live a life full of presence and joy, but there are also times that we need to do nothing! We need to just chill and relax, taking a step back from all the “shoulds” and have some downtime without feeling guilty.

It requires balance to live a happy life. We must refuel, and honor our needs. Time in nature, exercising, connecting with dear friends, and downtime with my family all help me to re-energize, but there are also times that I just want to be alone with my iPad!

I read a ton of metaphysical and self-help books because I truly love them and they fill me up, but I usually alternate them with a good old fashion fun read. I started reading tons of fiction in college, and I will never forget the first book that grabbed me and started my love affair with reading. It was Wally Lamb’s “She’s Come Undone.” For years I read almost a book a week, and hardly ever turned on the television.

I have a few fiction books on my list that I haven’t read yet, but am excited to. They are:

A few of my very all-time favorites are:

And some great non-fiction because true stories are often the best:

If you haven’t read my book, it’s for sure a must read (hint, hint!). Hot Mess to Mindful Mom is written in bite sized chapters and is chock full of tips and ideas that will make a difference in your life immediately!

Hot Mess to Mindful Mom: 40 Ways to Find Balance, Joy and Happiness in Your Every Day

And if you want some more amazing self-help and spiritual reading:

Then there are times when you just want to binge watch some awesome TV. That is how I usually do it, pretty obsessively when I find a series I love.

Some of my favorites are:

Next up on my list is “Younger” (on demand) which I heard is awesome.

This should be enough to fill up your summer and then some. PLEASE hit reply and SHARE your favorites with me and I will add them to my list!

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