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Master Your Emotions: Don’t Let Homework, Bedtime and Chores Get the Best of You Ali coined the term Trigger Plan after teaching this technique to private clients and groups with raving success. Understanding that we can’t control all of the stress in our lives, but we can control how we respond to it can bring enormous change to the parent/child relationship and the overall feeling of calm in the home. Learn how to deal with stress in one minute or less!  

How to Deal With Stress in One Minute or Less It feels like all hell can break loose in one minute, so let’s have tools that bring us back to center and balance in just as little a period of time! Ali will give simple, accessible, and research-based tools along with the ways that she incorporates these tools in her own life.  

Ditch Mommy Guilt for Good Learn the secrets to rapidly erase your mom guilt and be loving, present, and enjoy your children day in and day out. You will discover how to be super present with your kids even when you’re feeling like a “hot mess,” and Ali’s six best tips for enjoying your kids every day, all day, and more.  

Sunday Prep: 6 Tools to Prepare for Stress-Free Weeks Being prepared can make or break your week when it comes to organization, communication and healthy eating. Learn six tools to use in about an hour each week that will set you up for success.  

Connecting With Your Kids: 5 Ways to Bond, Connect and Laugh Together Connecting with our kids can feel challenging in today’s busy times. Juggling work, carpool, helping with homework, and meal prep can leave time for little else. But where is the fun? Learn tools for connecting with your kids at any age. 

Mindful Eating: Simple Tools to Stop Stress Eating and Eating Off Your Kids’ Plates If you are sick of eating off your kids’ plates and feeling guilty for hours afterward, then this workshop is for you! Ali will teach you tools to make good choices and eat mindfully in any situation, at home or out and about. 

Family Rituals: Create Lasting Memories That Are Fun for You and Your Kids Daily life and holidays don’t have to be stressful! Learn tools for making everyday life and holidays fulfilling, peaceful, and fun.  

Meditation for Moms: It can feel easy! Ali specializes in making meditation feel relatable and accessible for everyone. She gives practical tools and tips as well as a deep understanding of how meditation allows moms to become more present, more connected to their family, less reactive with their kids and more compassionate in all areas of their lives.  

Hot Mess to Mindful Mom's  

"Every now and then you come across a speaker that does everything you hope and more. Ali Katz was one of those speakers. We invited Ali to an event hosted by our Young Women’s Cabinet. Ali has a unique down-to-earth way of speaking about mindfulness. She is genuine, engaging and interactive. The women in attendance were of various ages and were able to relate connect and relate to Ali and her story. The tools she showed the group were easy to incorporate into their lives. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed the event. I would highly recommend Ali." 

~ Danielle L. 

"I recently had the opportunity to hear Ali Katz speak. I was so impressed with how Ali was not only able to make mindful meditation sound and look easy, but she gave us practical, realistic and useful tips to implement her tools in our own lives; making the most of a red light or grocery store line just became a time for calm instead of checking the phone. She is not suggesting hours out of your day, simply five minutes here and there. I loved it!"  

~Joy P. 

"I've been lucky to attend two of Ali's workshops on mindful parenting and I find myself using her techniques daily with my daughter. During stressful times, aka temper tantrums, I'm able to think and speak more calmly to her and it's empowered us both! I find she listens better when I'm calmer and I've begun using my "Peace Begins With Me" mantra with her! A happy and calm mom begets a happy and calm home! We could all use Ali's expertise! "  

~Judi P. 

About Ali

Ali Katz is passionate about sharing her love of meditation and mindfulness with her clients in a relatable and authentic way. After Ali embarked on her journey and began meditating in 2012, she noticed she had lower levels of stress, less anxiety, more patience, better sleep, hardly ever got sick, was making better decisions, and was more present in all areas of her life. Ali feels it is her calling to connect with others, and help them understand the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness, the techniques to get started, and how inspire them to truly make these tools a part of their lives. Ali is a certified meditation teacher and certified life and parenting coach, and offers self-care and mindful parenting coaching to parents who are looking to leave overwhelm and guilt behind and embrace a life full of balance and joy. Ali also works with teens to help them navigate the stress of high school and college. Ali has recently brought meditation and mindfulness to UBS, Accenture, blinds.com, Memorial Hermann Hospital, YPO, National Charity League, The Girl Scouts, and various Mom groups.  


Ali is the author of the bestselling book “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom: 40 Ways to Find Balance and Joy in Your Every Day.” She has her second book in her series, “Get the Most Out of Motherhood: A Hot Mess to Mindful Mom Parenting Guide” being released in August 2017. 

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