Ali Katz, Corporate Spokesperson Credible…Media Savvy…Relatable

Who is Ali Katz?

As a motivational speaker, bestselling author, media EXPERT/CONTRIBUTOR, and meditation and mindfulness teacher, Ali helps women empower themselves and understand that Better ME= Better mom, friend, partner, daughter, sister, and SO MUCH MORE!. Countless women and parents WORLDWIDE rely on her accessible AND PRACTICAL strategies to understand the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and other forms of self-care, and how to seamlessly fit these practices into their life. 

Ali Katz’s work has been adopted by women worldwide through her ongoing workshops, books, blogs, and speaking tours. 

Ali Katz in the Media

She IS A FREQUENT CONTRIBUTOR TO NATIONAL MEDIA, INCLUDING, ABC News, Fox News, CBS, in the Houston Chronicle, the Public News, Style Magazine, and has conducted over 30 radio interviews and been a guest on numerous podcasts worldwide. Ali provides her unique solutions to many national websites, reaching more than 100,000 million monthly unique visitors around the world.

Ali Katz One-to-One

Ali has the unique opportunity to personally hear and respond to today’s concerns of overwhelm and stress through her website, media appearances, and nationwide speaking tours. In her yearly workshops and book signings, Ali talks with hundreds of women, and has a pulse on the latest self-care and parenting trends.

Ali Katz Online

She is regularly featured on MindBodyGreen and Thrive Global, and has been featured on Dr. Laura. Her online platform provides a meaningful method to connect directly with woman and offer solid solutions that change lives.

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Everyone felt that Ali's ideas, her tools for managing stress, and the statistics to back them up, were extremely helpful in allowing them to focus more, and genuinely be more positive and resilient. 

~Lindsay Hyman, Accenture 

Ali spoke to the system Registered Dietitians at our annual symposium. They thought she was not only informative, but her life changing tools could be immediately used to reduce every day stress at work. They were excited to put them into practice and already see a difference in being able to manage their stress associated with very full caseloads.  

~Nancy Walker, Memorial Hermann Hospital  

Ali created a meditation and mindfulness workshop for a group of CEOs who had no previous experience with meditation or stress reduction. It was remarkable how completely these extremely accomplished business professionals dove into the experience. Ali made the concept of meditation extremely relatable, and her knowledge and passion were infectious and inspiring. She gave us simple tools to take back to our organizations and families to help us maintain balance in our busy and often stressful lives. 

~Molly Vorhees, YPO