This is one of my very favorite things to do….share what I love! So let’s get on with the fun!

Antik Batik bag

Not since I posted about this camo bag have I been stopped so many times to find out where I got my bag. I have literally been accosted by people asking about this bag. It is fun and summery, noticeable yet easily matches everything, and not terribly expensive.
I bought this bag knowing that it may be a one season wonder, but I can already tell you that if it isn’t too dirty after daily wear this summer, you will be seeing it again next year!

image lip balm
I have been getting an amazing facial treatment called microneedling lately, and I have to tell you that it rocks! I see a difference in the texture of my skin, so much so that it is worth looking like I have the worst sunburn in the world for 24 hours, and then a bit of peeling for a few days.
I got this lip balm at the studio where I do my treatments, and I am obsessed. I put it on every single night before bed, and next time I go I will be grabbing another for my makeup bag. It feels amazing and my lips are silky smooth.


Hidden Hippie hair ties
I got really sick of crystals falling out of my bra…no joke! It even happened at a Bat Mitzvah one day when I leaned down, and people looked at me like I had two heads!
I was so excited to find a way to wear my crystals that looked fashion forward. I hope you love these hair ties as much as I do 🙂
The rose quartz is for love, aquamarine for balance, clear for health, and citrine for abundance.
Even if you aren’t into crystals, they look super cool in your hair!

doTerra shampoo and conditioner
I am head over heals for this shampoo and conditioner full of essential oils that keep my locks shiny and protected. The shampoo smells of wild orange and lime, while the conditioner is a bit more subdued with notes of lavender and rosemary. It is great not to have to pick between two of my favorite scents.
I love the way it lathers well, but rinses clean, and a little goes a long way.
I even ordered an extra set for my guest bathroom so my sister and nieces who are staying with me for three weeks this summer (yay!) can enjoy it too!

RMS lip and cheek pots
I like going a bit lighter with my makeup in the summer, and I don’t always use bronzer and blush. Lately I have been opting for my RMS lip and cheek tint in Promise, and it looks gorgeous on both lip and cheek. This mineral makeup is about as clean as it gets ingredient wise too.
I am going to stock up on a few more colors for summer.

doTerra Serenity Oil Blend
If you have been following me for a while, you know that I used to have a very hard time with sleep. Thanks to meditation, journaling, and essential oils I fall asleep faster than I ever have in my life now.
I will never stop loving lavender, but I have found that this Serenity blend works like a dream and lulls me to sleep. Instead of applying it topically, I actually just put a drop on my pillowcase, which has been working wonders. You can also diffuse it or put it on your pulse points. Try it! Just click here to order.

What are you obsessed with? Comment and let me know!


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