I have a question for you…
What would happen long term if you took a break from eating like total crap for one day and ate tons of leafy greens and fiber? Nothing.
What would happen long term if you broke your streak of not working out for months and decided to take a 3 mile jog? Again, nothing long term.
One day of eating healthy or exercising will make you feel good on that day, but won’t help you long term at all. The same goes for other types of self-care like meditation.
You need to build your self-care muscles by practicing every day. One meditation will not change a thing. Yes, you will feel relaxed when you are finished, but the benefits of meditation are cumulative, just like exercising and eating healthy.
Committing to self-care long term will serve you for years to come. It could be anything that contributes to your well being like meditation, eating healthier, moving each day, picking up a new hobby that helps you relax, or even spending time connecting with friends and family.
Today becomes tomorrow, and tomorrow becomes last year before we know it. There will always be a reason like laundry or grocery shopping for why you can’t. Please don’t give into that! Honor yourself enough to make YOU a priority.
What small change can you make? Here are some ideas:
  • meditating for 5-10 minutes each day (try my free 5 day guided meditation challenge to get started!)
  • having a smoothie or green juice each day
  • starting your day with warm lemon water
  • moving for 30 minutes in some way every day
  • turning off your phone an hour before bed and reading or journaling
  • doing a few stretches each day
  • snuggle with your pets each night
  • spend time really connecting with your kids each day
  • have a gratitude buddy and send each other a text each day of something you are grateful for
  • spend a few minutes each day in prayer
  • read a beautiful quote each day and spend a moment contemplating what it means to you
Don’t wait to get started building your self-care muscles, pick one thing off this list and start today.

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