I found Ali’s book on Amazon, quickly read it, and knew that her mindfulness philosophy was what I’ve needed for years. I approached her because I needed guidance on how to live mindfully amidst my busy schedule  and raising my teens. The tone with my family was often filled with anger and resentment and I was feeling drained and overwhelmed by little things. She helped me look at what was working in my life and what challenged me most. Ali gave me tools on how to turn stressful moments around and look at them as assignments where one can learn. She was always understanding of the depth of my stress and its source and quick to help me move beyond it. Her guidance helped me develop a morning meditation routine that is my own and after working with her for over three months, I’ve never missed a day. I am proud to say that the work we’ve done together and her commitment to me led to a huge change in my energy level and outlook in life. I don’t feel drained by daily life. I am more relaxed in life and especially with my family. The tone has shifted to being positive and loving. I did all the work, she just guided me. You can do it too!

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