Hot Mess To Mindful Mom was truly a life changer. I felt as though this book was written for me. Ali’s writing style kept my interest from beginning to end. I love that she provided practical suggestions that can easily be implemented into a busy lifestyle. I was so happy to read that Ali offered virtual mindfulness training. I contacted her right away and started with a free introductory call, followed by three one hour sessions. Ali was always encouraging and never judgmental. I looked forward to each and every session which included a guided meditation. I have since done a ten minute daily meditation, which has had a positive effect on every aspect of my life. I’m much calmer, sleeping throughout the night, and loving all the little things in life that I left behind so long ago. I highly recommend reading Hot Mess To Mindful Mom and taking Ali’s mindfulness training. I can’t thank her enough.
~ Gale C.

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