Hot Mess To Mindful Mom was truly a life changer. I felt as though this book was written for me. Ali’s writing style kept my interest from beginning to end. I love that she provided practical suggestions that can easily be implemented into a busy lifestyle. I was so happy to read that Ali offered virtual mindfulness training. I contacted her right away and started with a free introductory call, followed by three one hour sessions. Ali was always encouraging and never judgmental. I looked forward to each and every session which included a guided meditation. I have since done a ten minute daily meditation, which has had a positive effect on every aspect of my life. I’m much calmer, sleeping throughout the night, and loving all the little things in life that I left behind so long ago. I highly recommend reading Hot Mess To Mindful Mom and taking Ali’s mindfulness training. I can’t thank her enough.
~ Gale C.

I found Ali’s book on Amazon, quickly read it, and knew that her mindfulness philosophy was what I’ve needed for years. I approached her because I needed guidance on how to live mindfully amidst my busy schedule  and raising my teens. The tone with my family was often filled with anger and resentment and I was feeling drained and overwhelmed by little things. She helped me look at what was working in my life and what challenged me most. Ali gave me tools on how to turn stressful moments around and look at them as assignments where one can learn. She was always understanding of the depth of my stress and its source and quick to help me move beyond it. Her guidance helped me develop a morning meditation routine that is my own and after working with her for over three months, I’ve never missed a day. I am proud to say that the work we’ve done together and her commitment to me led to a huge change in my energy level and outlook in life. I don’t feel drained by daily life. I am more relaxed in life and especially with my family. The tone has shifted to being positive and loving. I did all the work, she just guided me. You can do it too!

I have had four meditation classes with Ali, and it is difficult for me to express how wonderful the experience has been.  Ali has been a wonderful teacher, happy to listen and answer all my questions, and gently guided me through several meditations.

I am merely a novice and will certainly be coming back to Ali for more lessons in the future as I continue to experience the joy of meditation.  I am delighted that I found a teacher like Ali.

I was at a point in my life where I was eagerly looking for help to gain more insight on how to deal with stressful situations. Working with Ali Katz, as my coach, has given me so many valuable tools to use on a daily basis. Her constant support and encouragement have motivated me to progress in a very positive direction. Having Ali’s guidance feels as if I have a good friend cheering me on. Her voice is calming and her words are wise. I know working with Ali and utilizing the tools she has provided to me, are benefiting my life, not for the short run but for the long run. I made a wise investment.

“Meditating with Ali has helped me appreciate the present and stay in the moment, which I find especially important on the golf course. The breathing techniques that I have are great tools anytime I feel stressed or triggered. Allowing time to recharge your body and express gratitude has put a lot more positive energy in my life.”
~ Samantha, 17 yrs old

“As the ultimate type-A, working mommy of 2 little ones, I never thought meditation was something that would work for me or that I would be able to completely “turn off”… but I was so wrong! Ali carefully and skillfully guided me through my first meditation and ultimately to total relaxation – a place I had not been since I could remember. I left our meditation session feeling totally rejuvenated and full of energy and I can’t wait to meditate with Ali again soon!”
~ Katie D.

“It was just what we needed to feel more grounded and present. We are excited to share these techniques with our patients. Our population of patients are usually going through quality of life issues and we feel that meditation will help them be more accepting and kind to themselves.”
~ Lesley, The Pelvic Health Center

“Before I met Ali, I had never meditated and quite honestly was skeptical of trying it. It is now the time in my day I look forward to and treasure the most. While many of us have “me-time”, this is different because most of us don’t ever have “quiet, peaceful self-time”. For me, this has made changes that I see and feel every day in how I handle stress, friends, and most importantly, my children.
Thank you, Ali!”

~ Carin D.