essential oils I can't live without

I have naturally gravitated toward incorporating essential oils into my daily routine because not only do they smell amazing, but they make me feel more mindful, intentional, and they up my self-care game big time!

When I use essential oils I am in the present moment and in touch with my senses. It has been fun to bond with family, friends and clients over the oils too. I love how they are a connector and they help me bring joy to those I care about. My eleven year old is especially into them, and actually took my catalogue and circled what he wants for Hannukah!

My oil journey started with these three, and I honestly couldn’t live without them now. I never leave home without them. Here’s why:


I am not a coffee drinker, but there are certain mornings (you know the ones!) and afternoons (yup!) where I am dragging and I need a pick me up so I don’t fall asleep driving or get nothing accomplished all day. In these times, peppermint oil is my BFF.

I dab a bit on the back of my neck and on my temples, but not too close to my eyes, and it is like a wake up call. I always have it with me for that reason.

I also use it the same way when I have a headache, with the addition of a light swipe across my forehead hairline, and it works wonders.
There are TONS of ways to use all the oils, really this post could be pages long, but here are a few more ways that I use peppermint:

we add a few drops to brownie batter for a chocolate mint flavor!
I put a drop on my tongue as a breath freshener, or I have a doTerra peppermint beadlet
I love to diffuse it with a citrus oil like lemon or wild orange while I work. It smells amazing and is so uplifting.
I know people that actually do add it to their coffee! Yum 🙂


I actually posted a pic on Instagram of me kissing a bottle of lavender! I love it that much, and actually that day my client was SO happy because she finally had a great night sleep thanks to lavender!

Her daughter was having trouble falling and staying asleep, so I suggested that she diffuse lavender in her daughter’s room at night, and also rub some on her daughter’s feet before bed. Her little girl slept all night long, which means Mom did too!

I diffuse lavender in my room every night, or at a minimum if traveling, rub some on my neck and wrists before bed. It is calming and soothing. Lavendar is great to use while you meditate for the same reasons.

Some other ways to use lavender are:
it helps skin irritations like minor burns
can help calm nerves or mild anxiety
I’ve put it on bug bites to help with the itching

I drink SO much more water thanks to Lemon Essential Oil! I love it for the way it helps to detoxify, and just 2-3 drops makes my water taste great so I drink more. I’m trying to get in sixty ounces a day, and this has made a huge difference.

More uses for lemon:
you can clean with it!
add a drop or two to your kitchen sponge or drain for a little refresh
add a few drops to your washing machine for a fresh scent
diffuse it to purify the air

There are so many oils that I love, but if you were considering trying any, I would start with these three. I use doTerra therapeutic grade oils, and I know you will love them too.

They actually sell an Introductory Kit with lemon, peppermint and lavender which is a great intro to oils. When you use them and love them, you can keep trying more.

If you want to purchase a kit, use this link. Go to the SHOP tab, then KITS, then Collections.

Let me know if you have any questions, or want to talk (oils) shop. It is so much fun!

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