I was recently listening to an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, called Kind World, and I felt super inspired.

A little background on Kind World:

Each episode of Kind World is comprised of a seven minute long story about an act of kindness from one human being to another. Each one is vastly different from the others, but they are all inspiring and uplifting.

I listen while I am driving, cooking, and doing dishes. Sometimes if I am running a quick errand I listen to one, and if I have longer I binge a little more because the are addicting!

I was listening to episode #2 called “A Minister’s Challenge” and the wheels in my heard started turning.

In this episode a Minister passed out an envelope to each person in his church with anywhere from $5-$20 in it. Their only instructions were to do something nice for someone with it. What happened next was truly amazing.

Some people banded together and pooled their money to do bigger things, while others did smaller acts of kindness. The only thing he asked was that they come back and share their stories of kindness. People did such different things, and it had such an impact on how they felt about life.

I got curious…I began to wonder what my kids would do with “kindness money.”

I listened to the episode with them and we talked about it. We honed in on a phrase that was used where someone said their “kindness antenna was up” and I asked my kids to put theirs up too. I showed them that I was tucking $20 into the back of my wallet for each of them to spend in whatever way they wanted that would spread some kindness in the world. I told them to keep their antenna up and let me know whatever they wanted to do with it.

It will be really interesting to see what they pick, and I can’t wait until it feels right for them. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Would you consider doing this too?

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