Take it from me…the Universe will keep putting you in the same situation until you finally learn the lesson from it once and for all.

I know this because I seem to attract the most talkative service people in the history of service people. They come in the middle of the day when I am inevitably between clients, usually trying to eat something, or feverishly writing and in the middle of an important thought.
They ring the doorbell and talk my ear off about bugs or pipes, in a way that sounds like another language, and my mind is racing, wondering when they will leave, and what I could be doing instead of having this conversation.

Gosh, that sounds horrible even as I write it. Honesty is brutal sometimes.

It hit me one week when I had 2-3 servicemen coming and talking my ear off that maybe the Universe was trying to teach me a lesson. Why was every single person so talkative? Maybe it was because I needed to learn to actually listen to them.

The act of mindfulness is being fully engaged in each experience without judging it. All I was doing was judging, and praying for them to leave. I wasn’t engaged at all. And these people were here to help me. I needed them, and I was being disrespectful and unkind. Realizing this made me kind of sad and embarrassed because I aim to be kind always. But I realized that I had room to grow, and I embraced it.

So next time someone came to fix something I changed my tune. I was mindful. I listened. I noticed how passionate that person was about their job, and how much they cared about helping me. I paid attention, I smiled, and I didn’t think about everything else I could be getting done. I was in fully engaged in the moment, and I didn’t judge it. I didn’t wait for it to end. I welcomed it. And it was nice.

I finally learned my lesson. Slow down. Respect other people’s passions even though they may be different than mine. You may learn something, but even if you don’t, you can make someone’s day better by being nice. Make them feel heard. Don’t wish the moment away.
It’s funny because now my interactions in these circumstances don’t feel like they take forever, but it’s not that the situations changed, it’s only that I did.

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