Want to know the secret to making time for everything you want to do in life?
Want to know the secret to making time for everything you want to do in life?

It is possible to have a lack mentality when it comes to time or an abundant one. I invite you to do some soul searching around this topic, because it can change your outlook on your days, one hundred percent.

Do you find yourself saying or thinking things like:

I am just so busy!
I don’t have time to do that!
If I only had the time!

If so, you most likely have a lack mentality around time.

I used to say things like this all the time, but I began to catch myself and bring more awareness around my relationship with time, because I realized that I created my own reality around time.

I have time for what is important to me.

Imagine (G-d forbid) that you get a call that a loved one got rushed to the hospital. No matter what is going on in your day, you would find the time to be there.

Imagine if you (G-d forbid) get a flat tire. You will find that time to get it fixed.

Imagine (hopefully!) if a friend you haven’t heard from in months calls to reconnect. You will find the time to chat on the phone.

Here’s the thing…we make time for what is important for us. When we stop trying to “find” time, and be begin “making” time, a huge shift occurs. Things may inevitably fall away that aren’t that important to us, creating more time for what is.

What do you want to make the time for this year? It could be something like:

a daily meditation
a weekly yoga class
a special date each month with your kids or spouse
preparing healthy food on Sundays to enjoy all week
taking a bath each night
stretching more
monthly pedicures
a monthly massage
a walk with a friend
learning a new language
playing an instrument

Since we don’t find the time, we make the time for what we want to do, set aside time on your calendar to accomplish and enjoy what you want to do. Schedule it in. RIGHT NOW!

When time is blocked off for what we want to do, it is easier to say no to things that our heart just isn’t in.

We can make excuses all day long, or we can take action. Make this the time that you say yes to yourself. These pockets of time don’t have to be huge, and start with just one item that you want to make time for. The important thing is to pick something that you want to make time for, and then actually make time!

I know you can. I am here to support you. Let me know if you need any help!

I offer an amazing service called a “Calendar Makeover,” and as far as I know, I am the only person that does these out there! You send me a list of everything you need and want to do in a week and I work it like a puzzle. Then we spend an hour on the phone creating the perfect schedule for you that feels expansive and just plain great!

I am offering a special on this service to get people going in a positive way for the new year. Email me at ali@hotmesstomindfulmom.com if you’d like some more info on this!

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