Hot Mess to Mindful Mom:

Do you love your kids more than life itself, but still find yourself counting the hours until bedtime?
Are you constantly last on your list of "to dos?"
Do you get frustrated with your kids and then feel terrible for hours afterward?
Do you want to be more present and calmer around your kids so you can truly enjoy them?
Do you want to be more compassionate to yourself as a parent?
Do you want to improve your energy levels, have a better relationship with your family, and find the joy in your day to day life?
If so, I get it! I have been there too. What I discovered on my own journey is that the better I nurtured myself, the better I became at taking care of my family.  I created a "new normal" for myself and my where I was parenting from a place of peace, compassion, and presence, and evryone was so much happier for it!
Simply Put:
In this course I highlight amazing tools and strategies from my best-selling book Hot Mess to Mindful Mom, and guide you through ways to find more balance in your own life . I transformed my life using these tools, and now it's YOUR turn!
I'm ready to be the best mom ever!
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In this 4 week course you will learn about:

Week 1:
Meditation Made Easy- I promise, really easy!
One Minute Meditations- a 60 second game changer
Creating a Sacred Space for Yourself- you deserve it

Week 2:
Self-Love and Self-Care- the building blocks to it all
How to Get Grounded and Centered When You Feel Stressed- get back to calm in a flash

Week 3:
Expanding Time- a Mom must have!
Conscious Language- how you say something is everything...amazing for us and amazing for our kids

Week 4:
How to Forgive Yourself and Others- a life changing tool
How to Use Visualization- see it, believe it

How this Course Works:


What Participants are saying:

"This course was well worth the time and investment. I became so much more open with my feelings and emotions, and Ali has such a down-to-earth style of teaching that I felt comfortable and confident with all of the material. I learned skills that will make me more mindful, help me to make better choices, be a better mom and prioritize self care."
Jamie G., mom of 2

"I was hesitant to 'dig deep' but I am so glad I did! I have so many takeaways from the course such as daily meditation, positive self-talk and learning to respond vs. react. I would absolutely recomend this course to my family and friends. Ali gave us valuable tools that feel easy to implement and are useful across all aspects of life."
Allyson C.
, mom of 2

Are you ready to go from hot mess to mindful mom?

Imagine how it would feel to savor every moment of raising your kids, and not feel like you are just making it through the day.

This course is for moms that want to live a more balanced and joyful life so they can stress less, be present, have more energy, stop yelling at their kids, and be the mom they always dreamed of.

Finally feel fulfilled as a person and a mom. Become the best version of YOU so you can be the very best MOM possible.

Leave the tired, disorganized, and frazzled mom behind and get ready to feel calm, sexy and energized.

To make it easy for you to invest in yourself, I offer the choice to pay in full or pay with a payment plan

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About Ali Katz

Hi, and welcome to The Course!
I am a self-care coach and mindfulness expert, and the author of the best-selling book, Hot Mess to Mindful Mom, based in Houston, Texas. Thanks to the internet I teach people everywhere how to ditch stress,  and find more balance and joy in their lives.
I am a mom of two boys, a runner, a yogi and a tea addict.
The tools in this course changed my life. That is why I am so passionate about sharing them with you. Just wait until you see how amazing life can be!

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