For the first time since having kids I had 3 full days – 72 hours- ALONE! I have left my kids for trips before, and they leave me to go to camp, but I haven’t been in my house alone in ten years. As much as I adore my husband and kids, it was much needed and I took full advantage of it. As the day of their departure approached I started to plan a bit. Nothing major, but I looked up some yoga schedules and a few movie times, just to be prepared. I decided to really go with the flow and decide each moment what I was in the mood for.

In 72 hours I:

ate super healthy- I stocked up at whole foods the day they left, and didn’t eat out once. I had nothing processed and no refined sugar. I also drank more cups of hot tea than I could count.

did yoga 3 times, one hot class, one flow class and a kundalini video at home in my zen den

went on 2 runs

meditated, of course


binge watched 10 episodes of Jane the Virgin

saw Cinderella

got my car inspected (yuck, but over with)

found all 40 quotes I need for my book

talked to my best friend 3 times

cuddled with my dogs A LOT

got my Reiki 2 certification

read a bit (not as much as normal due to the binge watching of Jane the Virgin)

did HW for my business coaching class

Wow! When I look at the list, it is kind of a lot. Minus the car inspection I loved every single thing. My main priority was finishing my rough draft, and I decided that with three days alone I simply had to make it happen.

I didn’t make plans with anyone and just decided what I felt like doing as each moment came. It was quiet, peaceful and relaxing, but by Sunday I was really ready to see my guys!

What would you do with 72 hours alone? Would you plan, would you veg? Let me know in the comments what your top priorities would be. I’d love to know!! I may need some ideas because they had so much fun on their father/son trip that they want to make it an annual thing. Lucky me!

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