I was recently listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Here to Thrive, with Kate Snowise, and it created a major shift for me.

Kate was interviewing Shannon Kaiser, the best-selling author of Find Your Happy and Adventures for the Soul. I already knew that I absolutely adore Kate, but I immediately connected with Shannon’s authenticity and down-to-earth nature. If you were reading this interview in a book, you would highlight every line.

There was one portion that truly spoke to me, and I have been utilizing its wisdom ever since, as well as sharing it with others.

Shannon suggested that if ever you find yourself in a place of fear, anxiety, sadness, or curiosity around a situation, ask your future self for a message.

We can easily get ourselves worked up about the little things, which in hindsight are usually a complete waste of energy. I know I can!

At the time that the episode came out, I was driving myself a tad bananas about PR for my new book, booking speaking engagements and basically not feeling like things were happening fast enough. Even though I was really trying to be present and let it unfold, I was making myself a little cray cray. It didn’t feel good, and I know I wanted to shift out of this mindset, but it just kept happening. So….I asked my future self for guidance and support.
I literally said, “Future Self, what do I need to know about my business?”

It was astonishing because I immediately heard a voice loud and clear in my head, almost like it was waiting for me to ask, that simply said, “Enjoy the ride. Just enjoy it.”

Of course, that was just what I needed. Now when I find myself getting a bit worried or worked up, I remind myself to enjoy the ride. I know everything is happening as it should, and the more I enjoy it, the more good will come.

Try it! Ask your Future Self for a message. It can be about anything, and I (can almost) guarantee you will receive insight and feel supported in a whole new way.

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