work with me in 2016

Serving my clients and the community is my passion. I love helping empower women to make lasting and positive changes in their lives, that affects not only them, but their families as well.

I pride myself on having a variety of ways that people can work with me, and yes, some are free! There is really something for everyone, and I look forward to working with you in one or more this year.

Coach with me
I am really one stop shopping! As your coach, I can work with you on your own self-care and/or mindful parenting techniques to get your family on track and set you up for success. If you are interested we can incorporate meditation into the mix, as I am also a certified meditation teacher in addition to a certified coach. My programs begin with a 3 month commitment. Trust me, your life will change in amazing ways! Read what previous clients have to say here, read more about coaching and book a FREE breakthrough session here to experience coaching for yourself.

Book a Power Hour
Maybe you need an hour with an expert to tackle one specific issue related to meditation, time management, or your kids. A Power Hour may be just what you need. Find our more here.

Read my book
I transformed my life with the 40 tools that I teach in my book “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom” and you can too! Grab a copy and find more balance, joy and happiness in your every day…starting today!

Take my course
If you like learning at your own pace, from the comfort of your couch in your pjs, than The Course may be the perfect way to go. This is a four week digital course that covers a ton about self-care, meditation, forgiveness, conscious language, expanding time (a mom must have!) and more. It takes some of the most important topics of my book and gives you an opportunity to bring these changes into your own life, big time. Find out more here.

Connect with me on Facebook
I have two ways to serve you on Facebook. I have my A to Zen Meditation and Coaching with Ali Katz page offers up daily doses of inspiration and motivation. I also have my Hot Mess to Mindful Mom Group which is place for moms to connect and support each other as we navigate the journey of mindful parenting.

Subscribe to my newsletter
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Together we can make 2016 YOUR year!

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